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Scope of Services

BEE-ROM and employees with Joint Venture Partners have broad spectrum of experience in the Gas & Oilfield Industry. We have responsive management team premised on sound professional’s background with myriad of experiences to offer total proficiency services to our clients ranging from Engineering to the following

Civil Construction Services
Steel Fabrication Works
Piping Network
Mechanical Works
Tie-in of High Pressure Gas Lines
Instrumentation & Insulation Services
Daniel Orifice Fittings, Servicing of Gas Measuring Devices
Cathodic Protection

 Sand Blasting, Coating & Painting of Storage Steel Tanks
 Fabrication & Maintenance of Tanks
 Crude Oil Treatment/Effluent Water Discharge
 Supply/Maintenance of Valves, Flanges, Pipes, Fittings etc
 Procurement/Logistics Support
 Steel Structural Works
 Riser Repairs, Procurement, Supply and installation of Flow vales etc
 Offshore Wellhead Deck Erection
 Fabrication of Spool Pieces
 Fabrication of Wellhead Hook-Up
 Supply of Offshore Crew Vessels, Barges, Tug Boats, Ramp barges etc
 Fabrication of Oil/Gas Pipelines
 Fabrication of Oil/Gas Platform Upgrade
 Swap and offshore Pipelaying
 Flow Station Upgrade
 Riser repairs
 Transportation and Accommodation Facilities offshore
 Offshore Wellhead Deck Erection
 Modification of boat-landing
 Fabrication of Spool pieces
 Fabrication and Installation of offshore Jacket & decks
 Transportation and installation of Offshore Jacket with Pilling
 Fabrication and Maintenance of tanks
 Fabrication of Vessels
 Fabrication of Wellhead Hook-Up
 Transportation/Delivery of Equipment
 Pipeline & Flowlines Land
 Oil & Gas Process Pipe Work & Facilities Swamp
 Oil & Gas Process Pipe work & Facilities land
 Oil & Gas Process Pipe Work & Facilities swamp
 Oil & Gas Process Pipe Work & Facilities land
 Gas plant Facilities members installation, flare stack inclusive